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Time Out Yoga is a holistic approach to mind body and spirit using Hatha yoga practice to facilitate a more integrated way of being. Leaving the body more at ease. Yoga classes are held in the Tyne Valley Northumberland, and Tynemouth & surrounding coast, with Maria Houston-Knight.

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Weekly classes run as half term courses, are held on Thursday evenings (6:30 - 8:00pm) at Wylam Institute, suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities.

A new class in Tynemouth starts in January 2020 for beginners to Yoga, and/or beginners to Hatha.

Look out for classes throughout the year in various North East locations.

The classes are structured with warming up, asanas and breathing practices ending with relaxation techniques. Yoga is a non-competitive, - one works to his/her own capacity.

Contact Maria on 0742 306 1619 or yogawithmaria@gmail.com for more details on the classes, venue, what to bring or any questions you may have.

Book in advance, in blocks of 4 or 5 weeks. Each half term block will have a general theme running through it progressing week on week. At the same time each class will be complete in itself and each week different.

It is important to book your half term in advance as they are well attended and sell out quickly.

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New booking system: Online bookings only

Special one-off workshops

2 hour Hatha Yoga practices are available to book online (limited tickets). They include warm up stretches, Asana (postures), Vinyasa (flow), Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation technique).

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New booking system: Online bookings only

One To One

Private ‘One to One’ yoga sessions are available for those who either:

a) Want to have guidance on how to adapt yoga to suit their  individual needs before fitting into a class situation. (Typically have a one or two sessions before booking classes.)

b) Want to develop their own home based yoga practice that is personal to them that fits into their lifestyle. (Typically having half a dozen sessions with enough time in between to develop the practices at home. Ending up with an individual personal practice programme to follow.)

Not only do one to one yoga sessions help you to gain a more thorough understanding of yoga and its origins, they also allow your yoga teacher to personalise your yoga practice to address specific needs, something which is not possible in group classes.

To allow you yoga teacher to put together this personal plan, it is a good idea to discuss before your first appointment, your aims and expectations.

FEES:  £50 per hour  (a free 15 minute consultation with the first session)

“What you would dare to be, begin it! Genius has boldness in it”
- J.Wolfgang Von Goethe

About Maria

Maria has been passionate about yoga, and practicing yoga for more than 30 years. Trained with the ‘British Wheel of Yoga’ to degree level, and has been teaching yoga for sixteen years.  Concentrating on building her yoga student base and class program in ‘Wylam Instutute’  in Northumberland.  

Within this time she has been a 'Foundation Course Tutor' for the 'Wheel' for seven years. Facilitated many workshops, ran yoga weekend holidays and has taught at festivals, as well as classes in the regions top health clubs.  This combined with certificated study in Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology, and Sports Massage.  

Currently concentrating on offering weekly mixed ability Hatha Yoga classes for all, and private ‘One to One’ yoga sessions, for those who want to develop their home practice designed for their own personal requirements and lifestyle.

With a wealth experience in body work and yoga teaching, offered in a style that is warm and friendly,  encouraging, accessible and uplifting, in a relaxing atmosphere. Allowing students to work at their own level and ability.

Above all Maria believes that the practice of yoga is an uplifting and joy filled experience.


"Yoga for me is… an amazingly enriching experience. It promotes a feeling of well-being through marvelous stretching exercises and breathing techniques. I leave the classes feeling full of vitality, focused and calm. Try it, I did and now Yoga has become such an important part of my life."

- S. Lever

"Maria’s yoga sessions are quite magical. They help you centre your body and mind in a way which leads you to who you really are. You learn to value your true identity in a gentle but meaningful way. You also feel physically good and feel like smiling, what’s not to love? Keep the two-hour-long pieces of heaven going."

- L. Atkinson

"For fifteen years Mara’s yoga classes have been a joy for mind and body. Always calming but challenging enough to keep an improved joint flexibility. Love it."

- L. Hunter

"Maria is a fantastic yoga teacher, she brings calm, humour and balance to my life."

- J. Simpson

"I often come to yoga feeling exhausted and leave feeling radiant!! My favorite part of the class is the relaxation at the end"

- D. Mate

"I have found yoga to be an essential and beneficial part of my routine. Yoga provides me with a positive time-out from a busy lifestyle. Maria’s calm and considerate yoga sessions are tailored to you and your needs, where the class supports each other to create a fun and relaxing environment. Maria has inspired and equipped me with the skills to continue my yoga journey both in and out of the classroom."

- A. Bell

"We were both new to yoga two years ago, and have been inspired by Maria to attempt new poses we never imagined being able to do, and it gave us the confidence to adapt them to our own abilities. She did this with patience and humour, with the result that we have achieved things that we never imagined possible."

- D & S. Rush

"As a newcomer to yoga I was initially skeptical but i found Maria's class welcoming and I was able to progress at my own pace. As soon as the class was over I was already looking forward to the next one and practicing at any opportunity. I'm now more aware of my posture and breathing and it makes an enormous difference to how I feel both during and after a long day at the office."

- L. Walker

"I have been attending Maria’s yoga classes for fifteen years and have always found them to be relaxing, energising, focused, fun, and welcoming. Maria is more than a yoga teacher, she is a life coach and mentor. She helps students to maintain flexibility in the body and brings calm to the mind, she helps students to understand the principles of yoga, and I have found the breathing techniques and meditation particularly enjoyable."

- D. Bell
“Yoga practice feels like coming home . . . bringing you, back to you, integrating body, mind and spirit”.
- Maria Houston-Knight

New To Yoga?

At its simplest, yoga is an efficient, safe and controlled method of exercise. Flexibility is increased, strength improved, stamina developed and basic posture corrected through a variety of stretches and both classic and modern yoga postures. As well as toning muscles and extending the range of movement in the joints, the postures also benefit the body internally; stimulating organs, glands and nerves as well, keeping all systems in radiant health. Yoga lowers stress by developing relaxation and breathing techniques. As physical well-being and bodily awareness improve, together with deeper breathing and an ability to relax more easily, there is an increase in energy levels, greater mental clarity and a general feeling of calmness and control.

Yoga gives us the space to take the awareness inwards bringing the body, mind and spirit into harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been to a yoga class before and do not know what to expect. Are all the other people really good at it? Will I feel out of place?

Yoga is non competitive so there is no need to feel concerned about being new in the class. BWY teachers will make you feel very welcome and there is usually a mixture of ages and abilities in a class, unless they are clearly indicated as intermediate, advanced or special interest (i.e. for pregnant women, cancer suffers, children, special needs etc.). At a BWY class everyone is encouraged to work to their own abilities and according to their level.

I’m very stiff and/or unfit will I be able to do it? 


You may find that some things need to be modified by using various props to ensure it is safe for your individual body. Certain movements and asanas may not be suitable for you but you will be advised what these are and an alternative option offered. 

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New booking system: Online bookings only

I have health issues can I still come and is it safe for me to take part?

If you have a health condition you should seek medical advice from your GP before coming to the class. In the majority of instances you can still attend and practice safely. Certain movements and asanas may not be suitable for you but you will be advised what these are and an alternative option offered. You may also find that some things need to be modified by using various props to ensure it is safe for your individual body.

About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the best known and most widely practiced type of Yoga in the West. This is the Yoga of Asana (Posture) and Pranayama (Breath Control).

By making yoga a part of your routine, you may become aware of subtle changes in your approach to life. In your yoga class you may well begin to glimpse a state of inner peace...your true Nature.

In our hectic modern world many people are taking ‘time out’ to practice yoga - a system of philosophy that originated in India 5,000 years ago. Everyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, sex or ability. Yoga offers us a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, which can provide us with the ‘tools’ to cope with the challenges of daily life. 

The Sanskrit word yoga is translated as ‘union’. The practice of yoga helps to co-ordinate the breath, mind and body to encourage balance, both internally and externally and promote feelings of relaxation and ease.  

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New booking system: Online bookings only

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga?

Benefits of yoga may include...

  • Improved posture, flexibility and strength
  • Spine lengthened and de-stressed
  • Improved breathing and circulation
  • Reduced physical and mental stress
  • Improved concentration
  • Improved Core Strength
  • Long lean muscles
  • Enhanced feeling of peace and well-being
  • Nerves stimulated or soothed
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure
  • Improved immune system function
  • Feeling more at ease
  • Finding time for you
And more . . .
“Signs of progress in Hath Yoga are a clear complexion, very clear eyes, good health, active digestion and open energy channels.
- Hathayoga Pradipika


0742 306 1619